By establishing the brand DIUS, we deeply believed that the future of fashion is not just looks pretty, but a unique idea inside and we will always pay attention to every detail.
 About DIUS
DIUS is derived from the name of a Roman God DIUS FIDUS who was in charge of Belief, Truth and Oath. On this basis, DIUS established the brand slogan Be yourself, and three concepts of the brand, which are individuality, simple and belief.
Be yourself: We believe that regardless of nationality or age, live in the real is everyone's desire.
Individuality: We are diligently to convey the idea of keep your own personality to the people through our unique design.
Simple:From our simple and brand new design, we would like to deliver the concept: Simple is beautiful, which is to being true of yourself without any excess decoration.
Belief:  We would like to convey the idea of keep the faith and never forget the original intention to the people through our belief of consistency.
From the products of DIUS, we truly hope people will prefer the idea of “To live in the real” as we do.

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