IIDIUS Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

IIDIUS,Inc. (hereinafter "IIDIUS")recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and considers the proper management of personal information to be its corporate obligation. In order to contribute to the community's trust, IIDIUS will make every effort to comply with all relevant laws and regulations to protect personal information.

Following Laws and Regulations
1.For the handling of personal information, IIDIUS will follow all laws and regulations applicable to the protection of relevant personal information.
Implementing Safety Measures
3.To ensure the protection and safety of personal information, IIDIUS will handle such information appropriately by establishing a management system. The company will strive to prevent any problems such as the improper accessing or leakage of personal information. A continuing staff training and education will be implemented to ensure that the information is used appropriately and is protected. Internal audit and other inspections will be conducted as appropriate, and where improvement is necessary the relevant matters will be remedied promptly.
Disclosure, amendment, deletion
5.In the event that a person who has provided information requests the disclosure, amendment, deletion or similar processing of their personal information held by IIDIUS, IIDIUS will do so within a reasonable period after confirming that the relevant request is genuinely from the provider of information.
Collecting and Using Personal Information
2.IIDIUS will obtain personal information by legal and fair means. When obtaining the information, the company will make acknowledgment of use and collection purposes to the provider and ensure that the information will be only used for business within the scope defined by those purposes.
Providing to third party
4.Except the case when information is required to disclose by law or other regulations, IIDIUS will never disclose or provide personal information to any third party without obtaining your prior consent. The company will take effective measures to prevent the improper leakage of personal information when it is being disclosed.

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