The logo of the "i" means man, and "!" means the importance of people and their unimaginable potential. IIDIUS is a people-oriented company and believe that human potential is unlimited. The company endeavor to provide a better service to all of our clients.
Company name II symbolizes person, DIUS is name of the ancient Roman God DIUS FIDUS who is charge of Religion, Truth and Vows (which is IIDIUS' operation philosophy). In IIDIUS, all employees have this idea into action. And, IIDIUS also launched its own brand "DIUS".
Slogan of IIDIUS 'WHAT'S THE NEXT " encourages people to imagine what service will be provided in the future, and we always expect to enjoy every single surprise with our clients. And, IIDIUS also provide a pleasant work environment to its employee because we believe that people could play a better performance when work in a relaxed environment.

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